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Yolo Crisis Nursery
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Help me raise funds as part of the 2024 L5 Investments Capital Cup for the Yolo Crisis Nursery.


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I’m Bob Clark, Co-CEO for Clark Pacific, a design-build manufacturer of prefabricated and modular building systems. As a proud father and grandfather, I know that protecting children is an endeavor that has both immediate and future benefits for the children and their families, as well as our community at large. For this reason, I have chosen the Yolo Crisis Nursery as my charity.  

The Yolo Crisis Nursery was founded in 2001 as a child-abuse prevention program. They offer voluntary and free, nurturing childcare for ages birth through five years, 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Equally important are the Yolo Crisis Nursery’s wraparound services that help parents resolve the problems that created their challenges, thus increasing the chances of successful parenting going forward. They help kids thrive and become resilient in the face of traumatic experiences through programs like Crisis Overnight and Respite Care, and Specialized Infant Day Care and Preschool. 

The demand for the Nursery's services has been steadily increasing. In 2023, the Yolo Crisis Nursery provided over 5,000 care packages, and 3,000 "Safe Stays" in their facility. To meet the growing needs in the community, the Nursery will be moving from their current 1,400 square foot rental home to a larger facility scheduled for occupancy in early 2025.

Your donation supporting this cause will go toward funding Clark Pacific’s sponsorship of this vital need in our local community. 

This fundraiser supports

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Yolo Crisis Nursery

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